Seat and back rest cushions

We offer a wide range of concepts to meet your needs and demands.
Ranging from high comfort cushions for VIP and FC applications up to optimised weight/comfort
ratio cushions for BC and TC seating.
On request we can adapt the system to your needs within the given regulations and certifications.

New Rectiflame Hybrid seat cushion concept using best of both worlds: molded EPP FR and Top class Recticel PU foams for optimal comfort and weight reduction
Download the Rectiflame Hybrid rev3.pdf here and discover for yourself the potential of this system 

Rectiflame ClassicBased on Rectiflame patent using glassfibre and impregnated materials. Download Rectiflame HR leaflet
Rectiflame SLPatented solution with interchangeable dress covers
Rectiflame HR & HRMHighresilient PU foam in moulded and cut-foam solutions
Rectiflame GF & GFMConcept based on Fire Hard Graphite foams also available in moulded versions
Rectiflame Flotation cushions Cushion concept using flotation materials

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